The global online multiplayer phenomenon World of Tanks first made its console debut five years ago today when it launched on Xbox 360. Today, World of Tanks: Mercenaries is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and remains one of the biggest free-to-play console games in the world. Wargaming is pleased to announce that the game has now recruited over 18 million commanders, and to celebrate this milestone and the game’s anniversary, a series of special in-game events and prize giveaways are about to be deployed!

From February 12-18, commanders who take to the battlefield for just one battle can unlock an exclusive free tank: the Steadfast Light MK VIC. This fast and faithful British Light Tank is a special gift to thank the millions of players who have supported and played World of Tanks: Mercenaries since its launch in 2014. This vehicle will not be available after the anniversary celebrations are over, so don’t miss out on adding it to your collection! If you need Buy WoT Blitz Gold you can visit our site

Players who take part in the newly announced celebrations can expect to see discounts up to 75% off anniversary collections of the vehicles, mega packs that rounds up every original Premium Mercenary vehicle, to a “hard-rockin’ band of the game’s famous Heavy Metal Hero tanks!”Free XP to Crew XP conversion is also available for a limited time only, alongside 20% discounts on Gold to Silver exchanges in the online store.Wargaming has also released a new infographic, that looks at how far the franchise has come since it’s console debut.

There are also new tanks coming to World of Tanks on consoles, such as the stealthy French AMX Canon d’assaut de 105. It’s a speedy Tank Destroyer that is both agile and has the knack for concealment. On February 12th, the T-VI-100 hybrid will also come, which is based on the blueprints of a Soviet Project, that would have fitted a German tank with a deadly new weapon. It might be a Tiger, but it also has mighty Soviet firepower. The Winter Games campaign has entered its second phase! 2019’s new Ops and rewards system encourages players to fight to earn daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual rewards by racking up points from in-game Ops. Winter Games Bravo is the second phase of this event, and players who complete it can look forward to a hefty discount on the electrifying Thunderbolt, a soon-to-be-released Premium tank.