Developer Loong Entertainment has announced that its upcoming mobile “Western Fantasy MMORPG” World of Kings will be heading into open beta at the end of this month. Landing on iOS and Android devices on May 30th, World of Kings boasts a massive open world that spans “26 million square meters,” which players can traverse “from one corner to the other without experiencing any loading thanks to the title’s Seamless Map technology.”

In terms of actual gameplay and combat, World of Kings feels more like par for the course. As opposed to the other aspects of its presentation, the combat in this game, from what we’ve seen, is more like something you’d expect from a mobile MMORPG. It follows the standard control scheme where you use the virtual joystick on the left to move around and the on-screen buttons on the right to attack your foes. If you don't wanna waste time finding World of Kings Gold, provides Cheap World of Kings Gold Top Up for you. With a coupon code "MMOCSVIP", you can enjoy 3% off.

In contrast with most other MMORPGs on the market, World of Kings has a deep combat system that encourages resource management instead of mashing your skills as soon as they come off cooldown. Specifically, there are 3 main types of resources that the classes use to power their spells, and their availability will depend on the class, in particular. These resources are rage, MP, and energy.

There are a lot of things to do in World Of Kings, or WoK, and it’s truly is a fully fledged solid MMO. For whatever reason the game has a fun factor that made even auto-questing fun. It probably has a lot to do with the quick leveling up process and attaining nice drops and loot, even epic loot at times. A lot of it might seem familiar and the story is undeniably forgettable but the sense of power the game gives your avatar, even a cloth based Mage seems exhilarating.